The... Not a Blog this week... Blog

Yet again a Blog Cast... not sure why this week... i guess it's just habit.

Hello again, or indeed Welcome.

So this week is a break from the norm, if indeed that is possible, i'm not going to be talking about the next track in our repertoire, our history, or am i going to be mentioning the threatened imminent arrival of the quadrupedal ruminant, no no... this week i am going to mention fleetingly, yet, responsibly... a new project that is going up on the EOTA website.

Oooh... i hear, yes and well you might... oOooh, this is an idea that i have been mulling around for a bit and i think i have now come to a point where this is a worthy time to unleash it, yeah, so i shall explain.

From now on, assuming i can get it to work, every Friday night at a time i haven't thought about yet... there will be a broadcast from the new Radio station on our splendid website, called EOTA's Nest. It will be broadcasting only music from anyone who has been in a band with either Jody or myself, or bands that, of course, we were previous in ourselves. So bands like the Mustard Seeds, Hunkpapa, Muses Fluke, Aliens in the Basement, Flutatious... to name a few, all bundled in to a show that could be anything up to 4 hours long, but more likely just 2... actually it could run at an endless stream on there but i think this maybe a bad idea... and also as this makes it more like a show it gives opportunities to others to also have a one, i have already booked a Blues Hour, with the lovely Julia, and of course it is up to that person to decide what they play, but of course to be fitting, it may have to be someone from our past rather than just anyone in general.

So this is where my head is at the moment... hence this no Blog this week Blog which is, i guess, more of an announcement.

More announcements when i have more news, but they will be posted on our Facebook page, so if you are interested in tuning in, all times will be on there... err... when i have some.

With Peace in Mind

Love and Light


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