October 29, 2017

October 21, 2017

October 14, 2017

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To speak or shout at length in an angry, impassioned way.

November 12, 2017

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Devil in the Woodpile

October 21, 2017

A difference this week as posted above is the audio of this Blog, is that a Podcast... i've no idea, perhaps it's a Blogcast... well anyway if you would rather listen than read, here's your opportunity, bearing in mind that the links to the videos will not of course be in the audio file, so you will have to follow the text and pause and play to get a similar experience... thank you.


Ah Hello...


Welcome back... or if you haven't seen one of these before, you may need to browse the top of my previous Blog (blog) to make it easier for you to read without pause, irritation or hesitation.

Either way... Hi


There are so many things i could write about, i could use this as a soapbox to vent my views on a myriad of subjects that quite frankly make me scream incoherently at... well anyone, or anything... i'm not going to do that... today... though i might, but i have to remember that this is a band blog (Blog) so... well... so... yeah exactly 'So?' yeah it wouldn't be rock and roll if it had restrictions... so... anything goes. 

I like that.

I make the rules.

Rule number one, very important... there. are. no. rules.



While going back through what seems like a long time ago, i've rediscovered music and tracks that have brought back to me feelings that i probably wouldn't have had, had i not started this, so even if you're not enjoying... i most certainly am ;). 


Following on from strike one...


Second track on my roster, was a track that had to follow 'While We Sleep'. I had tracks i could have put forward, but here we were following a keyboard based string harp ensemble filmic small amount of guitar thing

( yeah... pigeonholing i know ) and in my head, going straight into 'ROCK' wasn't really on the cards, so i started from scratch to work on a bit of a mishmash of an idea, the e-bow was my weapon of choice, i'd used it on 'While We Sleep' subtly and more prominently on a track that i did for myself called 'Psychosis' I also had keyboards, strings and the 'trying to keep the ambient feel' that had life previously.


The track became 'Today the Hero' and i like it more now than i did when i first finished working on it. It is one of the very few tracks that we haven't done a video for, or even discussed doing a video for, or err... talked about... In fact it didn't go up until after 3 more tracks were recorded and 'kind of' finished.

It was set up as a placeholder video on youtube, until we realised that actually you can't do that, so it is still there, or even here, as a one picture video.



The lyrics again were inspiring, its pull on lost chances, time passing, the darkness and sadness of the possible not being fulfilled or being left behind. ( This is my interpretation, they are Jody's words )

It was where my head was at, and either inspired Jody's writing or he felt the same.


We finished the track and moved on. I had another three tracks that were bouncing around on the creation table ( yeah - most things are tables in my studio ) in some ways it was a relief to get it out of the way. I remember it differently now to how i actually feel when i listen to it, it struck me as a misfire at the time, but one that had to bridge from 'WWS' to the rest, it was the 'canon fodder', the 'patsy' if you will, it stopped me from worrying about recreating 'WWS' stupid as that may sound.


Music is a lot about head space, how you are effected emotionally by events affects the creation or possible lack of... blockages can occur at any stage, recognising it and remedying it, is not always easy, i'm a sensitive type, so i can affect my own inventiveness by simple irrationality or dwelling on negativity, my own darkness, or indeed someone elses.


'While We Sleep' was the cork and 'Today the Hero' was the wall the bottle fell from.

Otherwise, who knows, i might still be stuck on recreating a follow up.


Morse Code



So after 'Today the Hero' i felt at ease creating and sending forward a track that was much more of a departure from 'WWS' which was inspired by... or at the very least, i was listening to... before i started creating and playing with the riffs, a track called  'Rosewater' by 'Aliens in the Basement' A Jody project with the splendid Rob Morrison.