Playlist 15th December 2017

Hunkpapa  -  The Middle Man

Flutatious  -  Spacechick

The Lesser Gods  -  MOTHERSHIP

Muses Fluke  -  Mandula Tree

Aliens in the Basement  -  Rags to Bones

Tin Raven  -  Spin and Die

Empire of the Ants  -  Here Comes the Sheep

Muses Fluke  -  No Damn Good

Thieves and Pimps  -  No way out

Flutatious  -  333 a call to arms

Empire of the Ants  -  1000 (M)

Graham Hawkins  -  Beautiful Nothing (Demo)

Tin Raven  -  Today

Hunkpapa  -  Outa' Gear

Empire of the Ants  -  Utopia





Playlist 8th December 2017

Flutatious  -  Drunken Drummer

Hunkpapa  -  HunkPapa Warriors

2 Ravens  -  Peckinhead

Empire of the Ants  -  Dancing Barefoot

The Lesser Gods  -  IN THESE DAYS

Flutatious  -  Whats in the Tea

Thieves and Pimps  -  Cocaine

Aliens in the Basement  -  225

Muses Fluke  -  Gecko Fields (M)

The Mustard Seeds  -  Pressure on the Pin

Empire of the Ants  -  The Maker

Graham Hawkins  -  Monkey One

Tin Raven  -  Cascade

Muses Fluke  -  This is War

Empire of the Ants  -  Night Swimming (Shortened Ghost)

Playlist 1st December 2017

2 Ravens  -  Disintegration (Cure Cover)

Aliens in the Basement  -  Renegade

Empire of the Ants  -  Seven Rays (M)

Flutatious  -  Road To Skye

Grand Stall Bizaree  -  Big idea

Hunkpapa  -  Akram

Muses Fluke  -  Try Your Luck tonight

The Lesser Gods  -  TORTOISE

The Mustard Seeds  -  Your So Alive (live)

Tin Raven  -  Satisfactory

Graham Hawkins  -  Cannon Fodder (Take 1)

Empire of the Ants  -  Black & Blue Tuesday

Flutatious  -  Wendel the Witch

Graham Hawkins  -  The Sick And Twisted Case

Of The Mad Hatter Murder

Tin Raven  -  The Jumper

Playlist 17th November 2017

Empire of the Ants - Bonafide

Flutatious - Somewhere's Near To Nowhere

2 Ravens - Decoding Me (remix)

Hunkpapa - Knocking on St.Elmo's Gate

Muses Fluke - Gemini M

Aliens in the Basement - Holding Out

Tin Raven - In Spiritual

Flutatious - Tha I Ban

The Mustard Seeds - Ride The Wind

The Lesser Gods -RAGS TO BONES

Tin Raven - Psychosis

The Concrete Whores -Come and See

Hunkpapa - Salva Nos

Empire of the Ants - Feathers (M)

The Mustard Seeds -Slow Insanity

Wrong Girl - Introduce Me

Wrong Girl - Tell Me

Aliens in the Basement - Naked

Empire of the Ants - Seven Rays

Muses Fluke - Thieves Fools and Lovers M

2 Ravens - John the Revelator