Tin Raven & Jody Fiteni collaborate on a sound
which is refreshingly sincere and untethered by convention.

Songwriter, musician and producer Tin Raven is no newcomer to the world of original songwriting, recording and performing and has been writing music of one kind or another since he was a teenager.

Born and raised in West London, Tin spent his tentative years living under Heathrow’s flight path but now lives in a field in Shropshire, where only his sheep, chickens and turkeys complain about the noise. He has a back catalogue well worth investigation.

Lead singer and lyricist Jody Fiteni was frontman for West London bands The Switch, The Mustard Seeds and recording project Hunkpapa in the ‘90s – relocating to the Mediterranean island of Malta to set up home and establish a creative design boutique.

Influences have always been eclectic bands like The Cure, The The, Bauhaus, Jesus and Mary Chain, John Martyn, Dead Can Dance, New Model Army and The Damned amongst too many other originally ‘alternative’ bands to mention. 

Jody and Tin are currently producing original music under the banner ‘Empire of the Ants’ from their respective (and distant) corners of the world – after a mutual appreciation of their individual You Tube channel catalogues.